It was established around the 19th century by Yonphu Choeje Phajo Karma Tshewang. the Master was popularly known as Phajo Karma Tshewang, this was where the name of the Monastery Phajo Gonpa came from, later on Phajo Gonpa also became the name of a village. This Monastery is the main seat of the Pedling tradition.


In 2014, this Monastery and Retreat Center became main seat of the Fifth Khedrupchen Rinpoche in the Eastern region. Since then, the Pema Lingpa tradition was set up by Rinpoche in these two places..

Mission and Vision

Since the yogis and the monks of the Monastery are mainly practicing the Pema Lingpa's treasure teachings and Longchen Nyingthik lineage, in view of this, Rinpoche decided that the utmost important is to preserve and keep these two important lineages alive by establishing a solid and stable foundation to support and to carry out these objectives.


Being considerate of and concerned for the practitioners' needs, there is immediate need to construct new lodges and to rebuild the hostels so as to provide food and accommodation facilities to meet their basic needs.


We strive to provide the best education for practitioners to learn from the Monasteries with hopes to develop successful future leadership. Technological competence for the younger Sangha and practitioners is becoming increasing important in view of the rapid growth of modern technology. The internet is considered very useful and important tools for spreading Buddha's teachings that can reaches more and more people globally. We see the need to set up a supportive learning environment with range of services and facilities provided like library, computer training etc. to ensure a comprehensive education is being provided to these future leaders in Buddhism.


Besides for the Monks and the Yogis, the Monastery also show concern for the lay people. There is plan to build a dormitory guest house for the elderly who want to spend the rest of their lives in a meaningful way of practicing in the Monastery.


Sangchen Lhundrup Tsemo Yogi Monastery and Retreat Centre