Rinpoche's Lineage

Khedrup Jigme Kundrol
~ The first incarnation ~

Khedrup Jigme Kundrol an emanation of Nyang Tingzin Zangpo and Gyelwa Chogyang was born in 1730 at Wang DarLungkha (Thimphu) Bhutan, and named as Jangchub Gyaltshen (Byang chub rGyal mTshan). 


During the very young age, he was admitted as normal monk at Trongsa Choekhor Rabten Tse Dzong as a toze. After learning the traditional Buddhist education for few years, he was appointed as the meat manager.  He has experienced the harmful action to the beings and applied for resignation. But instead of granting him his proposal, he was promoted as chief of meat management. After some years, he again approached to resign but failed again. So he has made up his mind and fled away from Dzong.


He fled to Lhasa and became a monk at Ugyen Mindroling (Orgyen sMin Grol gLing) for a short period of time. In there, he heard the fame of Rigzin Jigme Lingpa residing at Samye, Chimphu ( bSam Yas Chims Phug) and visited him. Having got audience for the first time, automatically the tears ran from his chins with devotion. He vowed to the Guru and offered his body, speech and mind to him till enlightenment. The Guru accepted him as disciple, resting the hands on his head with blessing and promised that he will be the guy who will be able to rescue numerous sentient beings. He learnt all the Sutras and Mantras from Kunkhen Jigme Lingpa and mastered in all respects. He was named as Jigme Kundrol (Fearless to liberate all). Particularly, he meditated on every Tantra and able to achieve the Siddhi by visualizing the deities in real and in his dreams for 18yrs in isolated. So he completed doing Sadhana, chants and meditations of the retreat courses.

Drawing of the First Khedrup Jigme Kundrol

One day, Master Kunkhen Jigme Lingpa prophesied to go to the South, Lho mon sMan lJong, where the shape of the mountains were like huge copper pot upside down. The triangular shaped foot hill signifies the holy place of Vajra Kila. So this place is no less blessed than Tsari of Tibet. Settling there will dispel the warriors of Kamarupa. You will find few leaf roofing houses. Go there and benefits lots of sentient beings. Obeying the masters prophesies, he moved crossing the huge mountain range of Monla Karchung to Thowa Brag, Bumthang where Bhikshuni Sri, an ancient famed nun Gelongma Palmo had blessed the place.While staying there for some years, he learnt the Treasure Dharma of Treasure Revealer Dremelingpa from the dharma lineage holder MahaSiddhi Namgyal Lhundrub and practiced thoroughly till realized the attainment.Then, he moved to Ura Wathangla where he found the place similar to the place is prophesied by his master but doubted. Then, he visualized the Yum Ka Dechen Gyalmo or the Queen of Great Bliss re-instructed the master's prophecy. He continued to move and reached at Yongla. There the Dakinis and the Deities manifested into birds to come for the reception. The birds flapped up and down (Yong Yong) which means “correct”. So the monastery came to be known as Yongla. By any means, he determined that the place was the one prophesied by his master. So without moving further, he settled there in meditation.The locality nearby got the teachings according to their capabilities from him. Then gradually become a pretty good foundation of retreats and was able to deliver ritual ceremonies.


At that time, Dungsam Jadrung Khangma Namgyal had the power to rule that province. And the Indian invasion conquered the neighbouring board. This situation really bothered Jadrung and wrote several letters to predict future condition. After much discussion with the central government, Jadrungpa decided to arrange war but worried due to the small number of soldiers. It is sure that Indian will destroy them with no time, so he made a mind to ask help from His Omniscient Khedrup Jigme Kundrol since he was the only master residing in his province and was one of the main master of Jadrungpa. Then Jadrung approached to Khedrup Jigme Kundrol with some offerings and requested to dispel the warriors from entering the territory. Khedrup Jigme Kundrol recollected the prophesied by his master and welcome the request. He prepared the sadhana of Kila according to Tantric tradition for seven days and did the Torjab (gTOR rGYAB) towards the direction of the Indian invasion. That night a huge serpent appeared and destroyed almost all the warriors. The remaining soldiers returned to their own territory. So the place was saved from the enemy. Jadrung reported the situation to the Central government of Bhutan. The government consisting of Desi (sDe srid) and Central monk body awarded him as the Higher Respected Lama in the three region of Dungsam. So, the appointment was celebrated enthroning as the head Lama of East Dungsam Dosum.


During that time, a man from Tibet died in a cave, on the way to India. The travellers were unable to cross that cave since corpse raising spirit attack the travellers and merchants. The local landlords and leaders requested Khedrup to subdue the spirit. The Khedrup stayed at that particular cave and meditated for seven days and finally able to subdue the spirit. The way was cleared to use without any more fear. Another route to India was always disturbed with hail storm and wind performed by the local evil called Druphu Jomo. Khedrup subdued the devil as per the request of travellers and the route was safe to use. In such ways, the Dharma activities flourished by the Khedrup Jigme Kundrol ('Jigs med kun grol). Among the disciples, Dungse Deleg Wangchuk, Ngagchang Tenpai Gyaltshen and Kudrung Dorji Gyamtsho were the most popular. In the end, the seat was handed over to Kudrung Dorji Gyamtsho and passed away in 1793.

Jampel Dewai Nima 
~ The second Khedrup ~

“Homage to the feet of Jigme Woezer ('Jigs med 'Ozer),

the person who completed the whole education by the teenage,

known thoroughly and introduced the vast treasures

And clear the darkness of all ignorance.”


The re-incarnation of Khedrup Chenpo Jigme Kundrol was born in 1796 at the Sino-India Border. He was born to the generation of great Indian Buddhist master called Pha Dampa Sangye at Phadruk, province of Dingri. He was named as Jigme Woezer.


As a child, when he was just learning to speak, he recollected of the past life and told thoroughly about the late Jigme Kundrol.


In the early age of about seven, he traveled to Kham and was attacked by the barbarian robbers. Consequently he was killed at the spot.

Togden Tshering 
~ The third Khedrup ~

“The person who followed the boundless true path of Buddha,

keen on meditation in various undetermined places,

fully attained the realization by visualizing the deities.

To the Venerable Togden Tshering, offer the humble homage"



As the aspiration made by the former incarnation, he was swiftly re-incarnated in the Trashigang, Bhutan. He was born to Drubwang Dongag Drakpa’s family lineage, who was believed as ancestry from the great prince of Tibet Lhasey Tsangma. He had a mark of daggered by the mobs in the previous life to identify as the re-incarnation. This mark continues to appear in every re-incarnation and become the secret sign to identify the next re-incarnations. He studied from many learned masters including his father. He settled at Phagjud Gonpa and established the retreat center and monastery of lay monks. He taught mainly the Longchen Ngingthig and Peling tradition. He spent most of his life in the retreat, hence the people called him as Tshampa, the retreat master. In brief, he subdued many devils and benefited enormous beings and promoted the teachings of Buddha largely.

Phajo Sangye Dondub 
~ The fourth Khedrup ~

“Homage to Sangye Dondup,

who created the new fame and examples with sympathy,

The mind filled with Bodhicitta,

particularly, promoted the teaching of astrology,

inanimate from the state of Dharmakaya, as said in Uttara Tantra"



Although the mind is realized in Dharmakaya, to fulfill the aspirations of previous reincarnations, he was born in 1904 to the father Sangye Gonpo and mother Namgyal Lhamo at the village called Momring under Shingkharong, East Bhutan to the family lineage of Drodpo Choeje. At a very early age, he possessed the natural compassion and sympathy due to the habitual tendency of the previous life. Geshe Tshewang Jamtsho taught from the beginning of alphabets till the inspiration of Ati yoga. Visited the mountain of Phuthung, Chenla, Nyechen Dechen Bumpa and etc. and meditated, where he attained the realization. For the benefit of the beings, he practiced the astrology from Lopen Thinley and he became an expert that made to be known as Lama Phajo. His compassion to the individuals was so heartfelt one that could be compared to the love of a mother to her only son. He used to carry the materials needed for performing puja for those who cannot afford. It is very rare to be born such an incredible master in the past and future as well as at the current era. In 1978, at the age of 73, he passed away to express the non-permanent existence of the world. During those times, he prophesied himself, to whom and when he will be born. As his command, the disciples offered the funeral ceremonies headed by Drubwang Kunzang Namdrol (Sangye Wangdue the other name).