Meme Phajo Drub Phug

In the early age of His Holiness the 4th Khedrup Phajo Sangay Dondub, had made his isolated retreat accompanied by his consort Nima Tshomo in this cave. This cave is originally the secret place of Guru Drakpo (Guru Rinpoche in wrathful form).


The cave is two-storey high, and entry via the gate in the middle.  The rock seat made by the 4th Khedrup Phajo Sangye Dondub is still located at the place where his Holiness was to be seated before.  If we go inside the cave, we can walk down five steps and then ten more steps to the right, there we can see another beautiful and blessing meditation chamber for the 4th Khedrup Phajo Sangye Dondub’s consort Nima Tshomo.  After visiting consort’s cave, we can go ten more steps further down to the right then we reach the holy Padmasambhava’s cave.


Dungzin Jurme Dorji Rinpoche, the great grandson of his Holiness of the 4th Khedrup Phajo Sangye Dondub, the family lineage of Drodpo Choeje, grandson of great Terton Pema Lingpa is now the head of Khedrup Sangay Dhendrup Memorial Committee (KSDMC).  The mission of KSDMC is to preserve the sacred place and to carry out further development of the site.

Nyechen Dechen Bumpa Dharma Centre